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green tomato hotsauce. 200ml


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Fresh in flavour yet bold heat-wise, our autumn green tomatoes buzz with tartness that sits hand in hand with our dried oregano flowers, dank garlic and crisp & fruity habaneros. Deliberately thinner in consistency than most of our sauces, this condiment is perfect dripped over lamb, crispy salads, roast potatoes, fish and basically anything else you can think of.

(Heat: 3.5/5)
0 = no heat
1 = mild
2 = a lil something
3 = oh hello
4 = damn
5 = fuck

Ingredients: green tomatoes, white vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic, herbs & spices.

Storage: shelf stable. If you notice an effervescence forming, not to worry - the fermentation process has started up again; simply store in the fridge. Best before dates are written underneath the bottles.