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habanero & garlic hotsauce. 200ml


Sometimes simple is simply better! Red habaneros and garlic have been fermenting for over a year now, bubbling and morphing into something delicious. This is a hotsauce staple, the Nonna’s Tears alternative to tobasco, a little bolder and a little thicker - what’s not to love.

(Heat: 3.5/5)

0 = no heat

1 = mild

2 = a lil something

3 = oh hello

4 = damn

5 = fuck

Ingredients: red habaneros, garlic, vinegar, salt, herbs & spices.

Storage: shelf stable, although if you notice any effervescence it indicates that fermentation has started back up, not a problem - simply store in the fridge. Our 'best before' dates are written underneath the bottles.