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strawberry & balsamic syrup. 200ml


You’ll notice a few strawberry products up on our store, this is due to a farming crisis experienced in mid September. Farmers were resorting to killing off fields of plants laden with fruits after demand radically dropped by over 50% due to Australia’s lockdown. The average cost of production for farmers is about $1.30 for a 250g punnet of strawberries, yet due to the lack of cafes and restaurants open, a supply and demand issue arose, forcing supermarkets to sell the produce for as little as $1 a punnet. This is why farmers were resorting to killing off plants, they couldn’t afford pickers and packers, let alone transport of the strawberries. An SOS was sent out to Australians - “please buy as many strawberries as possible”. So despite the strawberries not being organic or grown on our land, we couldn’t resist getting involved and came up with a few recipes to expand your tastebuds and help the Aussie farmers! We hope the cause resonates with you too.

Our strawberry and balsamic syrup is zesty yet sweet with a distinct strawberry flavour, bold yet appealing, a classic combination that was popular in the 90’s. Try the syrup drizzled over a beetroot, rocket and feta salad. Topped over your Christmas turkey, tossed with fresh fruit, sophisticated splashed over a simple cheesecake or vanilla icecream, and even the base for a homemade sorbet.

(Heat: 0/5)
0 = no heat
1 = mild
2 = a lil something
3 = oh hello
4 = damn
5 = fuck

Ingredients: strawberries, balsamic vinegar, sugar, nutmeg.