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chilli jam with rhubarb & roasted lemon. 250ml


With an irresistible thick consistency, this sweet and tangy condiment boasts our prize winning rhubarb suspended in a sweet and tangy jam. Fruity habaneros make their undeniable mark without overpowering the condiment. Little dark flecks from our roasted lemons speckle the gem-like appearance of the jam. Small batch Sauvignon Blanc (white wine) vinegar made by HLA in Victoria gift this jam with complexity only an artisanal creator could. Beautiful in creamy scones, on a cheese board, crusty toast or dolloped into thumbprint cookies.

(Heat: 2.5/5) 

0 = no heat 

1 = mild 

2 = a lil something 

3 = oh hello 

4 = damn 

5 = fuck

Ingredients: rhubarb, whole Eureka lemons, habaneros, white wine vinegar, sugar, salt.

Storage: pop in the fridge once opened.
Our best before dates are written underneath the jars.