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basil hotsauce. 200ml


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Loaded with our basil, garlic and Trinadad brain pain chillies, this sauce is a fresh twist on traditional hot sauces. The white wine vinegar lifts the flavour while the roasted onions sweetens the palate. We’ve been dousing everything from freshly sliced cucumber to chicken, barbecued prawns, fish, wraps and savoury waffles with this creation, mix it into mayonnaise for a flavourful potato salad or creamy chicken sandwich - shockingly versatile - basil shouldn’t be limited to just tomatoes and pasta. That being said, we’re obsessed with simple sliced tomatoes, salt, pepper and a light topping of this hot sauce - perfection.

Please note the colour of the contents may be a duller green than featured in the photo due to the sauce ageing and fermenting over the last 6 months.

(Heat: 3/5)
0 = no heat
1 = mild
2 = a lil something
3 = oh that’s a bit hot
4 = damn
5 = fuck

Ingredients: basil, rain water, habaneros, jalapeños, pepper, salt, white wine vinegar, brown sugar, onions, garlic, nutmeg.

Storage: shelf stable.