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mild basil sauce. 200ml


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Loaded with our basil & garlic, this sauce is an alternative to our basil hot sauce for those who want the fresh flavour without the heat. The white wine vinegar lifts the flavour while the roasted onions sweetens the palate. We’ve been dousing everything from freshly sliced cucumber to chicken, barbecued prawns, fish, wraps and savoury waffles with this creation - shockingly versatile - basil shouldn’t be limited to just tomatoes and pasta. That being said, ripe tomatoes with this basil sauce drizzled over is pure pleasure.

Honest dialogue: this sauce is bottled hot to meet proper pasteurisation, even though we filled the bottles to the brim - once the contents cool and constrict there’s a little gap of space left in the bottle. xx

(Heat: 0/5)
0 = no heat
1 = mild
2 = a lil something
3 = oh that’s a bit hot
4 = damn
5 = fuck

Ingredients: basil, rain water, pepper, salt, white wine vinegar, brown sugar, onions, garlic, nutmeg.