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pentone seasoning. 40g


If you’re at the town square of Fossato and peer over the next mountain you’ll see the beautiful village of Pentone and actually hear the villagers speaking a dialect distinctly influenced by Greek language. Calabria due to it’s geography has been home to many cultures; the Itali (the first people of Italy), the Moores, the Romans, Byzantine and was for a long time the Greek empire (Pythagoras lived out in the mountains near Fossato and Pentone). All of these cultures are visible in flavours of the region. This seasoning is a homage to this fusion of the Greek and Calabrian culture.

Garlic, oregano (both indigenous to the region) and lemon are the prominent flavours of this seasoning with smoked salt to evoke a char grilled flavour element with a dash of Diavolicchio chilli to remind you we are still in Calabria.

Beautifully versatile but perfect for potatoes any way you want, lamb, goat, fish, roast vegetables the seasoning for a salad or smashed avocado.

(Heat: 1.5/5)
0 = no heat
1 = mild
2 = a lil something
3 = oh that’s a bit hot
4 = damn
5 = fuck

Ingredients: garlic, spring onion, whole lemon, wattle smoked salt, oregano, bay, diavolicchio chillies, pepper, salt, sugar.

Storage: a dark, dry place. Ideally with low humidity as no artificial anti-caking agents have been used. Best before dates are written underneath the jars.