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chipotle spread. 250ml


You'll want to spread this over everything; you need to taste it’s tangy, smoky, spicy flavour. Our thick and punchy chipotle spread isn’t limited to just a sandwich enhancer, mix a tablespoon or two in with some fried up onions and beans, dollop over sour cream and eat with corn chips. Mix a little into some mayo to create a bold aioli. Marinate your chicken in it, toss with some roasted veg, or simply use as a dip.

(Heat: 2/5)

0 = no heat

1 = mild

2 = a lil something

3 = oh hello

4 = damn

5 = fuck

Ingredients: smoked jalapeño, cayennes, char grilled zucchini, fermented zucchini, smoked onions, naturally fermented white vinegar, citric acid, raw sugar, pepper, salt, garlic, cumin, celery seeds, mustard, parsley, bay leaves.

Storage: refrigerate after opening. Best before dates are written underneath the jars.