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pumpkin, orange blossom & ginger jam. 250ml


Floral, sweet, a little tangy with a touch of heat from our lemon drop chillies. This unique jam is vibrant in both look and taste. Made with our favourite variety of pumpkin, the Golden Nugget; they're small but their flavour is unsurpassable. Enjoy this jam on cream scones, with sharp cheese on a platter or simply on warm buttery toast.

(Heat: 1.5/5) 

0 = no heat 

1 = mild 

2 = a lil something 

3 = oh hello 

4 = damn 

5 = fuck

Ingredients: golden nugget pumpkins, whole oranges, whole lemons, lemon drip chillies, sugar, ginger, rainwater, orange blossom water, citric acid, salt.

Storage: pop in the fridge once opened.
Our best before dates are written underneath the jars.