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salad dressing with cucumber, red onion & oregano. 200ml


This salad dressing encapsulates our favourite summer cucumber salad. Intended to be poured over your salad with a good glug of extra virgin olive oil, the oil will balance the zesty flavours and bring it all together. Beautiful over your go-to salad, or simply lettuce, a little feta and maybe some olives.

We suggest a ratio of 2 parts dressing to 1 part extra virgin olive oil. Amend to your taste preference.

(Heat: 0/5) 

0 = no heat 

1 = mild 

2 = a lil something 

3 = oh hello 

4 = damn 

5 = fuck

Ingredients: cucumbers, red onion, oregano flowers, cracked pepper, salt, raw sugar, red wine vinegar, white vinegar.

Storage: pop in the fridge once opened. Best before dates are written underneath the jar.